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The White Lion

"There are no men like me. There's only me."

Jaime Lannister
9 December 1989
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A Song of Ice and Fire; taken after A Feast For Crows during sleep. Eldest living male member of the ruling family of Westeros, brother to Queen Regent and illegitimate father to King Tommen and Princess Myrcella, and Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Golden haired and emerald eyed, renowned as one of the most handsome men on Westeros and well aware of it, even if he did lose his swordhand. Prior to having it cut off, was also known as one of Westeros’ finest swordsmen. Prideful, reckless, and foolish, though he is attempting to reform. Slowly.

Since coming to World's End, he's found himself a sword (Honour's Call, so named by the Maid of Tarth) and another hand to wield it with - thank you Ihy, and it's gold too, very Lannister. Oh, and he's the Lord Commander Sherriff of the Task Force, which is sort of like the police, wouldn't father be proud? His beard is kept a bit neater and his hair a bit longer, even if the woman who persuaded him into that is gone, and he tries to avoid white and crimson - easier said than done. There's a star-shaped badge plated in gold he uses to fasten his cloak, and somehow it makes him feel better about the world.

At one point he had his brother with him, at another Eddard Stark, and Renly and Loras paid their visits too. He did once think he'd lost it all, but now Angeal is back and so is the wench and maybe there is a bit of hope left, somewhere.
As a highborn nobleman who was the favourite child of one of Westeros’ most powerful men, and the brother of the woman who would eventually marry the king, it was always likely that Jaime would be just a little arrogant. As one of Westeros’ most renowned swordsmen who became the youngest ever member of the Kingsguard, one may expect that his ego was inflated further. Indeed, throughout life, his skills, power, and lusted after good looks ensured that he was possibly also one of Westeros’ most arrogant figures.

He is, in no particular order, vain, narcissistic, conceited, selfish, and someone you desperately want to punch, but know you can’t because he’ll hit you back harder, and if he doesn’t then his family will and that could be even worse. Or at least, he was. With his imprisonment, and the subsequent loss of his hand, Jaime became remarkably humbler, or at least, started along a path towards some semblance of it.

He is no longer as reckless and egotistical as he was, or at least, not in as destructive a way as he was before. He has been genuinely attempting to reform his character, to become someone honourable and reliable, but has not been finding it easy. He is guilty of virtually every sin, and they are proving difficult habits to break. Much to the frustration of those around him, he treats almost everything with a languid, careless sort of joviality, despite his temper. He’s quick to anger, quick to lust, quick to attack and quick to speak, but he’s also quick to defend those he cares for (perhaps not as fervently) and quick to think (not always to his credit, admittedly).

Even if he’s not quite free of his sins yet, he is at least fully aware that they’re there and is making an effort to be. That counts for something, or so he hopes.
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