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The · White · Lion

"There are no men like me. There's only me."

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Again, really?

[Jaime's voice is deceptively bright. Almost amicable. Like he's talking to an old friend. There is a streak of humour in his voice, however, and it's very, very dry.]

And I see I made it in time for mid-winter. Wonderful.

[He sighs. A blade can be heard being drawn partway from a scabbard. There's a little half-chuckle, sounding genuinely happy, and then the sword sinks home once more.]

...and I shall need to find Honour's Call, as well.

Alright then. Who's still here and who isn't?

Matt. I'm sure you won't have had the good graces to leave.
* * *
Seven hells, Cerse - -

Task Force, patrols of two, you know your pairs. Defend any who need it and be vigilant for more -

I cannot help but feel that the best manner of dealing with this might be staying inside, if we can barricade somewhere... but some seem powerful enough...

[A pause, and then a barked laugh, rough and distorted, then metal meeting metal.]

* * *
More murders. A fine welcome it is that - seven hells.

If anyone knows aught about these killings, alert me or another member of the Task Force. If you have found one of the victims, report to us before taking them to the hospital or to the Sanctuary as soon as you can.


Task Force, find the victims. It may be that we can yet save some. Take them to the Sanctuary or the hospital, whereever is closer to you. Make that your first priority.

We don't have the men to split into pairs, so for all our sake's, be careful. There are enough threats out there without another gods-be-damned murderer on the loose.


And who the hell put Dean Winchester through the Door?
* * *
((OOC: BACKDATED to just after this post of Val's.

Also, if your character is a Task Force member, comment to this entry so we know what's going on.))

[Locked to Task Force]

Matt, if you're with us yet, you're to go with the Turks and whoever goes from the Queensguard. I trust your shooting has not suffered in the time I've been away.

The rest of you report, now. I need to know who's still with us. The wounded, the hurt, and the unconscious are to be taken to the sanctuary at once. Make no attempt to break into whatever the hell that dark even is.

[Locked to Val]

One of my men will be going with you, my lady. He's a marksman.
* * *
Seven hells! I'm gone for a day - how long has it been?

Claire! Angeal, catch me up with this. Brienne, you'd better not have taken it upon yourself to start following me again.

Aaron, if you've food prepared, I'd be glad of it. As it happens, you're a great improvement on what I'm used to.

Gods it's good to be whole again... Where's Honour's Call?
* * *
* * *
[Task Force // Unhackable]

Task Force, give me your names, now. I need to know who we still have. We have to be ready and we have to assemble. Patrols need to go on, but we cannot stand idly by against those silver-haired lunatics. Why the connection between hair and madness?

[Claire // Unhackable]

His hero streak would have risen up by now. He's gone, my lady.

As for Link, it is fine by me. You said unity is what we need, and I agree. For building work, we'll divide up our group when the need comes. As you know, defense is our priority, but it'll be no use if we've naught to defend...

...But I am afraid you lost me. Medieval? We have a river...

A meeting seems only wise. Perhaps between us, and then with the rest of the city. It's easier than all of us dividing into our factions.

And I still need to get Ashford.


'Oh, discordia'? A trifle ominous, but I suppose we take that in our stead, don't we?
* * *
Sakura's been found. I've got her. I'll be taking her to Zelda; she's injured, but she'll live, have no concern of that.

[He tucks the communicator away and, judging by the sound, lifts her, moving. She groans softly, but makes no other sound.]

Claire. Forgive me my absence, but I'll speak with you this evening. Angeal, I trust your updating your information? We could use it. Wench! Settled in again? Try and last a little better this time, won't you? It's not like you to throw down your sword.

[A grim sigh as he kicks something aside. There is, however, a smile in his voice.]

Cheerful, with all these rat-man corpses everywhere, isn't it? At least most have been cleared from the streets.
* * *
Angeal, I believe you're rather late for your shift. See that you remedy this. Don't worry, there's plenty to be done. On the subject, my lady Claire, have you thought anymore of my proposal? You would make me a very happy man if you complied. Riza, see that the lists are updated.

[There remains something guarded and brittle in Jaime's voice, but he sounds happier - genuinely more bright - than he has in a while.]

Brienne, lay your blade to mine. I've a wish to see if a few more seconds on the noose improved your skill. I didn't give you that sword so you could drop it into Dondarrion's hands. Live up to the name, I trust.

There's a marked improvement to life when you don't have a Stark breathing down your neck. In fact, it seems as though most of our sources of headache were removed in one fell swoop. ...Of course, they would bring the wench back.

Task Force. What do we know about Sakura's disappearance? [He slips into the more serious, driven tone.] I should like to see an end put to it. Now. Leon, report. The rest of you, we'll likely be rearranging some patrols and individual duties in the near future.

Oh, and Matt? If I had promotions to give, I'd give them to the ones making our work run smoother, not those making themselves a thorn in the arse that is our fair city.
* * *
Ada is gone. Presumably, she has returned home.

[Task Force]

Which leaves us in need of a new deputy.

I, for one, am nominating Claire Redfield. If any of the rest of you have problems with this, or other ideas you believe better, let me know now.


How entirely unsurprising.
* * *
Patrols are now back to normal. And I expect another register done, what with everyone who's been apparently leaving. Respond to me here.

Headquarters have been restocked with ammunition, weapons, and other supplies. If anyone else brought things to be added here, let me know about that, too.

Leon. An answer would be appreciated, ser.

* * *
* * *